About Us

Aggarjan Patrika is a social welfare magazine which aims at educating the Aggarwal families about social problems and taking a step for combating with them. Aggarjan Patrika is India’s first monthly published magazine which is being operated by a group of women.  Though we aim at dealing with all the social problems that the Indian societies are facing, but we do extra efforts for combating the social evils that lead to women exploitation. In our organisation, Special focus is given to the women centered problems.

Aggarjan Patrika aims to help the Aggarwal families to deal with the problems like poverty, education, women employment, etc. And at the same time, it involves the families to understand their responsibilities and make resolution to never get involved in the social evils like female feticide, dowry problem and others. One of the main aims of the Aggarjan Patrika is to start a campaign from their own society i.e. Aggarwal society and then take it to the higher level.

What we do at Aggarjan Patrika?

  • We aim at providing education to the poor children of the Aggarwal society, who otherwise remain deprived of it.
  • Creating awareness about the female feticide and inciting the people of both genders to never go for it.
  • We educate the poor families about their rights and help them to get all they deserve.
  • We educate the women about their rights, power and help them to become self-dependent, both at financial and personal level.
  • We provide employment to the household women through small businesses or help them to get jobs in the other organizations if they meet the qualification requirements.
  • Aggarjan Patrika aims at encouraging the people to end the economic disparity. We teach them the importance of unity both at the family as well as society level.
  • Aggarjan Patrika also organizes gatherings for the Aggarwal society where the unmarried boys and girls can find the perfect match for them. The interested families are introduced to each other in these gatherings.

Thus, the Aggarjan Patrika aims at the overall development of the Aggarwal Society and organizes campaigns at regular intervals to attract more people for participation.