Assistance for Match Making

Aggarjan Patrika not only aims at improving the present condition of Aggarwal families, but also focuses on their future. We do special efforts to ensure the bright future for the Aggarwal society. One of the examples of such efforts is keeping the present records of all these families. Aggarjan Patrika prepares a list of all the Aggarwal families, which includes all the information about the family.

This makes us aware about the status of particular family, its interests, children’s education, professional career and more. These records help us to assist the family in finding the desired partner for their son/daughter. Depending on the information in our records, we notify the families about the available choices and thus, help them to find the dream partner.

Aggarjan Patrika keeps these records to ease the process of marriage related search that families do. We don’t charge any fee for this service. In the case any Aggarwal family is searching for a perfect-match for their child, they can contact us. We aim at saving their money that otherwise they would spend in the marriage bureaus for such services.